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MyChron5S/MyChron5S 2T
Better than MyChron5?
MyChron5S, of course
Another step in the evolution of our MyChron, which history started 25 years ago!
MyChron5S is the latest version of the game changer datalogger, precisely designed for kart racing.
There are four big differences between MyChron5 and MyChron5S, one of which is interesting just now while the others will be important soon.
The GPS frequency has improved from 10 to 25 Hz and the precision accuracy has improved from about 5 feet to 2 (1.5 m to 45 cm in approximately).
Here down a couple of screenshots that may explain the improvements: in blue and yellow the comparison between the "old" MyChron5 and the new MyChron5S GPS precision. As you see, the precision dramatically improves passing from 1.5 m to 0.5 m.
In the next picture, you may appreciate the improvement we have, passing from 10 to 25 data per second. Here too, the yellow dots show the new GPS data.
The other new characteristics are:
Redesigned Wi-Fi Module: a new firmware is under test for improving the baud rate. The data download will be 5 times faster.
More powerful processor. The new one is the same we already had on our top range products: 2 times faster than the MyChron5 one and with much more memory; a lot of firmware features are only waiting for more internal memory for being developed.
From here on, the characteristics that make MyChron5S a point of reference for the world of karting.
MyChron5S GPS,
the most powerful
GPS ever
We were all used to lap time acquisition via magnetic strips, infrared beacons or even the good old stopwatch. MyChron5S completely changes the rules of the game because its GPS samples lap and split times as well as speed, position on track and acceleration... the best accuracy ever seen in kart world.
Two satellite systems
AiM tracks database
Much more than just lap times
Fantastic readability
To maximise readability of data, you need plenty of room. That is why MyChron5S features a wide 268x128 pixel graphical display. The screen can be backlited in one of the eight available colors.
The incorporated light sensor makes brightness and contrast ideal in all light conditions.
Choose optimal layout for your data
Lap and split times, best lap, RPM, gear number, track map and much more are shown in pre-configured pages: you will be able to choose the page layout you prefer to better monitor your data.
At the end of your session, you can recall the summary of your three best laps: lap time, max/min RPM, speed and temperature.
For your best lap, you will also see splits and best theoretical time.
Is it your best lap or do you need to shift? Multifunctional LEDs will tell you
MyChron5S features five individually configurable RGB LEDs: you will choose color and value thresholds for their activation. In addition, they can be configured to show your best lap/split time, monitor RPM level and even signal the right moment for gear shift.
Monitor water temperature or any other parameter
with configurable alarm LEDs
You can configure alarm LEDs as well, in order to turn them on/off depending on the values you selected: water temperature or any other parameter you may need.
Wireless data download
with Wi-Fi connection
MyChron5S offers the opportunity to download the data wirelessly, using an easy and safe Wi-Fi connection: no data key or PC connection are needed anymore. Wi-Fi data transfer is easily configurable via PC or keyboard.
In case of a connection of more than one gauge/PC (a typical situation in a team)
it is possible to transfer data to/from all MyChron5S devices and PC's at the same time.
In this case you would need to buy an access point, which will act as a bridge between
the gauges and the PC's.
External power or battery charge?
You choose.
You can power MyChron5S:
By socket, using the charger included in the kit.
By socket, using the proper charger*: in this case, you do not need to remove it from the gauge.
Just use the external power cable*.
The lithium battery - not being used - can be removed: in this case the aluminum cover* is to be applied to protect the power connectors.
Download here the document with the part numbers.
MyChron5s expansions and add-ons
LCU-One Lambda controller, to optimize your engine carburetion.
SmartyCam 3 cameras
The on-board cameras that overlays on videos the data sampled
by your logger.
SmartyCam HD Rev.2
MyChron Expansion
The channel multiplier, to check when you brake and accelerate, as well as Power Valve behaviour.
MyChron Expansion
Infrared Temperature Controller
To connect tire temperature sensors to MyChron5S.
Tire temperature sensors kit
Data Hub
The CAN connection multiplier working as an interface between MyChron5S and its peripheral equipments.
Data Hub
Temperature, pressure, brake/throttle, steering wheel, speed, RPM sensors.
RaceStudio 3:
the best tool to understand how to go faster
At the end of each session, your data can be downloaded and analysed in depth on your PC with RaceStudio 3 software: charts, graphs and histograms will help you to understand your performance, finding out what needs to be improved.
A simply indestructible chassis
A glass fiber reinforced Nylon body along with metal buttons and anti-scratch non-reflecting polycarbonate display guarantee MyChron5S top resistance to shocks and adverse weather conditions.
Two temperatures under your control
Especially engineered for the most demanding racers, MyChron5S 2T permits you to monitor your kart performances by controlling two engine temperatures instead of one.
MyChron5S 2T samples data related to two temperatures, coming from:

Two thermocouples:
to keep carburation under control

Two thermoresistors:
to measure the engine's working temperature

One thermocouple and one thermoresistor:
to monitor the key parameters of your engine