MyChron4 is the most complete tool to sample, show and record the key-data of your kart.
Thanks to its modularity, MyChron4 can supply either beginners with the essential information and professionals with extremely detailed and sophisticated data.
A modular logger perfect for beginners and professional racers
MyChron4, in its base configuration, samples:
Magnetic and optical Lap times
RPM graphically displayed on a freely configurable scale
One temperature (water, underspark or exhaust gas).
At the end of your session you can scroll all relevant data on the display:
Lap times, with Best Lap indication
Max temperature value
The graphical display is backlighted and protected by transparent, non-reflecting polycarbonate.
A powerful data logger
Data are recorded in its circular buffer, with a capacity of 4 millions samples and downloaded via Data key to your PC for post analysis with the professional Race Studio 2 software.
Race Studio 2 Analisi
Race Studio Analysis screeenshot
Data Key
... growing with you
Your growth as racer makes you more demanding: you need more sophisticated data, you need a deeper understanding of your kart and your on-track behaviour.
MyChron4 grows with you. Simply adding new modules you will get all the information you need:
GPS05 Module GPS05 Module
The GPS receiver.
LCU-One Lambda Controller LCU-One Lambda Controller
LCU-One perfectly tunes the carburetion of your engine.
MyChron Expansion MyChron Expansion
The channel multiplier that permits to check when you brake and accelerate, as well as Power Valve behaviour.
SmartyCam HD SmartyCam HD Rev.2
For professional videos with real-time data overlayed.
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