GT Steering Wheel
AiM GT Steering Wheel
GT Steering wheel
A steering wheel represents a lot to a driver. It is the lightning rod between the racer and the road. It provides feedback and empowers the driver to make critical decisions while demanding millisecond responses.
To pay homage to the peerless relationship between driver and car, we introduce our first GT Steering Wheel, where you can monitor information in addition to what is shown by your stock dash, view configurable alarms and shift lights, and activate specific car functions.
Designed by the best track engineers and hand-made by the most qualified craftsmen, AiM GT Steering Wheel is a perfect mix of style, technology and comfort.
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Available in different models
GT Steering Wheel is available in 320mm or 350mm diameter, and can be outfitted with paddle shifts (optional).
It is supplied with a specific flange to allow perfect installation on both SPA and OMP hubs.
All your data under control
The high-contrast backlit display has been purposed to provide actionable driver-information with configurable elements.
It shows - with precise and enjoyable graphics - lap times as well as data sampled by EVO4, data from the ECU and data from the built in accelerometers and GPS, while also receiving information about the on-board camera SmartyCam HD
working mode.
Up to 9 pages to view the data you wish as you wish
Lap times and data are shown in successive pages in a user-defined way: simply select the data you want to monitor and create custom pages that can show up to four fields each.
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Custom page with two fields
Custom page with four fields
Screenshot 1 Screenshot 12
RPM and Lap Time page

Lap Time

Lap times
You can choose to visualize the rolling time, static lap time or predictive lap time (as an absolute value or as a difference vs. the best lap).
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Screenshot 5
Predictive as difference
vs. Best
Singularly configurable LEDs
Melding form and functions, an integrated shift light array crowns the wheel behind a carbon fiber foreground.
Ten shift lights can be configured choosing the LED colour and the RPM threshold value that will switch them on/off.
Alarm management is very flexible too: you can choose which situation will activate the alarm and each LED behaviour (blinking frequency and color), as well as the conditions for its switch-off.
You can also configure
GT Steering Wheel to show a warning message.
External units activated in a click
Four integrated multi-function buttons beside the Steering Wheel display promote vigilant navigation and operative execution.
Pushing each one of them, you can activate/deactivate the functions you need (e.g. traction control, pit limiter, radio).
Data recall
At the end of each session you can view a data summary on the display: the four fastest laps, total running time and run distance, and max RPM and speed values.
The second page of each session summary shows the complete list of the laps with related max/min speed values.
Screenshot 8 Screenshot 9
Easy to configure
Shift lights, alarms and custom pages configuration is intuitive and can be made with few clicks, using the dedicated Race Studio 2 software or directly via the GT Steering Wheel keyboard.
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A balanced mix of technological solutions and craftmen’s skills
With its anatomical, aggressive and functional design, GT Steering Wheel is characterized by its carbon fibre crown and its unique leather upholstery: the special silking makes it extremely soft, maximizing grip, and the exclusive "cool system" treatment - reflecting the sun rays - ensures the leather is always cool to the touch.
Behind GT Steering Wheel
Each single steering wheel is hand made by craftmen with long experience in workings like stuccoing the wire channels, leather punching and its trimming and sewing with Alcantara ®, hot printing...
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