Formula Steering Wheel
AiM Volante Formula
Specifically designed for Formula and Sport cars
Formula Steering Wheel
Formula Steering Wheel, for dimensions ( 27cm) and structure, has been specifically designed for Formula and Sport cars. It offers the opportunity to visualize in real time all key parameters and shows a typical "racing" look.
Displays data and alarms
Its digital display shows data sampled by EVO4 logger, coming from Engine Control Unit and sensors.
With Formula Steering Wheel you keep constantly monitored:
Lap/split times and lap number
Speed or RPM graphical view
8 channels (2 per page) selected configuring EVO4 with Race Studio 2 software.
Screen RS2 Dettaglio LED allarmi
Formula Steering Wheel also displays:
4 alarm leds, associated to the desired channels
Configurable shift lights
Shift light
It also features switch buttons to remote 4 functions among the options available in your car, like speed limiter, traction control, neutral, etc.
Bottons and alarms scheme
You can also visualize GPS signal strength and - if the circuit is not included in the tracklist - to fix finish-line and split points.
Robust, comfortable and reliable
Formula Steering Wheel is:
Robust, for its anodized aluminum chassis.
Comfortable and ergonomic: maximum grip is guaranteed by its shape and its finishing with hand-sewn shammy leather.
Reliable: with its backlighted display and waterproof structure it can be used in all conditions of light and weather.
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