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December 2020:
RaceStudio 3 Analysis Software Release - Part 6 with Emiliano Bina (December 17th)
Measuring Driver Fitness. Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, and More with Matt Romanowski (December 15th)
Virtual Data Coaching - Using Technology To Go Faster with Eric Gunderson and Davin Sturdivant (December 10th)
Tire Temps & Pressures, Where the Rubber Meets the Track! with Matt Romanowski (December 8th)
A Chat With Larry McReynolds; Stock Car Racing Data - Then and Now (December 3rd)
RaceStudio 3 Analysis Software Release - Part 5 with Emiliano Bina (December 1st)
November 2020:
Quantifying Performance - Driver or Vehicle? with Jonathan Goring (November, 24th)
Inside Racing Technology - A Chat with Jeff Braun (November, 19th)
Data Power: Using Racecar Data Acquisition - A Chat with Buddy Fey (November, 17th)
Making Sense of Squiggly Lines - A Chat with Chris Brown (November, 12th)
Tips from A Pro Data Guy: Joe Hullett - Digital Competition Systems (November, 10th)
The Mental Game of Data - How to Not Overthink Your Data with Kenton Koch (November, 5th)
October 2020:
Analysis Techniques for Racecar Data Acquisition - A Chat With Jorge Segers (October, 29th)
Lap Replay Function in Race Studio 2 Analysis with Roger Caddell (October, 27th)
Data Sampling Rates – Removing the Mystery with John Block (October, 22nd)
A Practical Guide To Race Car Data Analysis - A Chat with Bob Knox (October, 20th)
AiM Sports PDM – Part 2 with Fabrizio Rizzi (October, 15th)
Determining Your (and Their) Data Analysis Learning Styles with James Colborn (October, 13th)
Track Event Prep & Planning with AiM Sports Data and Video with Matt Romanowski (October, 8th)
SmartyCam HD Tips & Tricks with Peter Krause (October, 6th)
A Racing Champions Experience with (and Before) Data Acquisition with Tommy Kendall (October, 1st)
September 2020:
RaceStudio 3 Analysis Software Release - Part 4 with Emiliano Bina (September, 29th)
Engine RPM Analysis - HP/TQ Calculation in Race Studio 2 Analysis with Roger Caddell (September, 24th)
AiM Sports PDM – Part 1 with Fabrizio Rizzi (September, 22nd)
Remove All Gear Selection Doubts - The Gear Ratio Map with Samir Abid (September, 17th)
Using AiM Data for Development - Mazda Global MX5 Cup Race Cars with Tom Long (September, 15th)
Matching Data Analysis to the Driver in Race Studio with David Free (September, 10th)
Math Channels - Interactive in Race Studio 2 Analysis with Emiliano Bina (September, 8th)
Suspension Analysis in Race Studio 2 with Roger Caddell (September, 3rd)
Identifying Correct Driving Techniques in Race Studio 2 Analysis with Kenton Koch (September, 1st)
August 2020:
RaceStudio 3 Analysis Software Release - Part 3 with Emiliano Bina (August, 27th)
Tips and Tricks in RS2Analysis with Roger Caddell (August, 25th)
Digging Deeper Into Alarms with Chris Rallo (August, 20th)
Advanced Karting Analysis Techniques with Eric Gunderson (August, 18th)
The power of "IF" and Other Math Channels in Race Studio with Ray Phillips (August, 13th)
Profiles and Math Channels Make You Faster with John Block (August, 11th)
AiM Sports Data Hardware with Robbie Yeoman and Bryc Talley (August, 6th)
AiM CAN - Part 2 with Robbie Yeoman (August, 4th)
July 2020:
Dirt Oval Data Analysis Tips with Tom Harris (July 30th)
RaceStudio 3 Analysis Software Release - Part 2 with Emiliano Bina (July 28th)
End of Day Data Analysis with James Colborn (July 23rd)
Initial Karting Data Review with Eric Gunderson (July 21st)
Deep 20 Minute Data Review with Matt Romanowski (July 16th)
10 Minutes to an Action Plan with Peter Krause (July 14th)
RaceStudio 3 Analysis Software Release - Part 1 with Emiliano Bina (July 9th)
Calculating Gear Position in Race Studio 2 and 3 with Cameron Bennett (July 7th)
Data Analysis, You have 20 Minutes with Roger Caddell (July 2nd)
June 2020:
CAN 101 - Introducing to CAN Bus Technology with Robbie Yeoman (June 30th)
Using the RPM Channel for Optimum Performance with Jonathan Goring (June 23rd)
Tips & Tricks For All Users in Race Studio 2 Analysis with Matt Romanowski (June 18th)
Analyzing a Lap of Kart Data in Race Studio 2 Analysis with Eric Gunderson (June 16th)
Going Further with Track Maps in Race Studio 2 Analysis with Ray Phillips (June 11th)
Understanding Configurations in RaceStudio 3 with Robinson Shay (June 9th)
Creating a New Track Map in Race Studio 2 Analysis with Roger Caddell (June 4th)
Motorcycle Data Analysis - What to Look For in Bike Data with Your Racing Sim with Mark Junge (June 2nd)
May 2020:
Sim Racing - AiM Hardware and Software with Your Racing Sim with Emiliano Bina and James Colborn (May 28th)
Custom Sensors in RaceStudio 3 Software with Matt Romanowski (May 26th)
Self Coaching/Instruction With AiM Sports Data with Peter Krause (May 21st)
Finding Trends with ONLY GPS Data with James Colborn (May 19th)
Configuring Alarms in RaceStudio 3 Software with Matt Romanowski (May 14th)
What Does GOOD Data Look Like? with Peter Krause (May 12th)
Track Maps in the AiM Sports Universe with Robbie Yeoman (May 7th)
Finding Trends in YOUR Driving with James Colborn (May 5th)
April 2020:
Braking Analysis with GPS Based Data and Math Channels with Jeremy Lucas (April 30th)
Friction Circle and other X/Y Plots with Matt Romanowski (April 28th)
Finding Your Apex with a Corner Radius Math Channel with Jeremy Lucas (April 23rd)
Understanding Track Slope During Data Analysis with James Clay (April 21st)
SmartyCam Best Practices with Peter Krause (April 16th)
Race Studio 2 Analysis Time Compare Bar with James Clay (April 14th)
Race Studio 2 Analysis Split Report (April 9th)
Race Studio 2 Analysis Channels Report (April 7th)
Race Studio 2 Analysis User Interface (April 2nd)
March 2020:
RaceStudio 3 Data Download Options (March 31st)