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Electronic Steering Wheel
GT32 Standalone
GT32 Expansion
320 mm
   CAN connections
Anodized Aluminum
8 pushbuttons in CAN + 2 pushbuttons free contacts
   Rotary switches
3 rotary switches
1 Autosport 22 pins male connector
In CAN through PDM32/PDM08
   Paddle shifters
CAN messages and free contacts (optional)
320 x 176 x 43 mm
2,600 g
   Power consumption
500 mA
Main features
GT32 steering wheels transmit in a freely configurable CAN connection the status of 8 pushbuttons and 3 rotary switches plus more 2 pushbuttons in free contacts connections.
It features also 2 (optional) carbon fiber paddle shifters with a precise magnetic system.
Buttons and rotary switches
Momentary, toggle and multi-status
2 pushbuttons in free contacts
Frames and icons backlighted
Continuous + 2 blinking mode
Paddle shifters (optional)
CAN messages and free contacts
ON/OFF feature
Status restore option
Choose your GT32 version
GT32 steering wheel is available
as expansion for PDM32/08
Power Distribution Module,

another effective device for a
complete AiM electronic system.
GT32 is also available in
completely standalone version
that can be connected via CAN
to every ECU and masters.
Thanks to the RaceStudio 3 software, you can easily
program your GT32 according to your needs:
set up the expansion version in the PDM32/08
configuration, while configuring the Standalone
version via PC through the USB-C connection.
You will be able to create different
conditions for every buttons status
and set up the brightness of the LEDs
having immediate feedback in the heat
of the competition.
Pushbuttons configuration
The RGB LEDs behind all 10 pushbuttons plus back-lit multi-position switches are designed to instantly find the right input even in the most intense moment of the race.
Every single LED can be fully programmed via RaceStudio 3; they can work as momentary, toggle or multi-status and each option can be configured depending on the length of time the button is pressed or on other user-predetermined conditions according to specific needs.
The pushbutton status is ON when the pushbutton is pushed.
The pushbutton status changes from ON to OFF every time the pushbutton is pushed.
The pushbutton value changes from 0 to a MAX value every time the pushbutton is pushed.
Custom LEDs backlighting
RGB LEDs can be managed through math channels according to the status of the pushbuttons and/or the feedback coming from external devices.
They can be solid or blinking at a desired frequency and at the preferred light level.
CAN Output
The data stream of each button can be managed in the CAN output.
Through this function you can customize once more your own
configuration setting up each detail:
Number of bytes allocated
Data length code
Byte order
Frequency from 1 Hz to 100 Hz
CAN messages configuration
The status of the pushbuttons is transmitted at fixed frequency or/and when it changes.
The CAN messages as frequency, IDs, baud rate, endian and contents can be freely configured.
The status of every pushbutton at the power OFF can be hold at the next power ON.
GT32 Standalone can manage a CAN INPUT protocol, in order to give a feedback, trough the color LEDs, based upon the information received.
Additional controls
In addition to the primary functionality
of the buttons, GT32 steering wheel
in expansion version can be set up
for managing the AiM display connected
to the PDM32/PDM08 Power Distribution Module.
Replaceable inserts
It is possible to choose among a wide range
of inserts included in the kit.
You'll have the possibility to create your own GT32 steering wheel based on your specific needs (see the complete list).
Precise and solid shifting
The new (optional) magnetic carbon fiber paddle shifters
guarantee high accuracy and a strong feedback
for the shifting, allow downshifting and upshifting
with great confidence.
Paddle shifters feature free contacts on dedicated
pins of the Autosport connector and/or
CAN messages communication.
Maximum grip and comfort
The ergonomic handle grips are composed
of high-density polyurethane, designed for
the best grip and comfort in any situation,
and they're fully replaceable.