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ECLIPSE, the new line of AiM potentiometers is born; thanks to our experience in the motorsport world this new series of sensors perfectly fits the needs of the car-bike racing industry. Easy to install, our linear position sensors offer great performances in terms of accuracy, repeatability and life expectancy.
ECLIPSE can measure linear displacements like:
Dampers compression or extension
Steering rotation measured through the rack displacement
Inductive Contactless Technology
Thanks to the Inductive Contactless Technology, ECLIPSE series assures unmatched wear resistance; no contact means minimum wear and tear therefore no performance degradation during his life cycle.
Advanced materials
The continuous research of the best solutions for our demanding customers leads us to a new concept of sensor.
Housing is in fiberglass reinforced epoxy, a compound that features excellent resistance to mechanical stress and thermal changes, outstanding capacity as electric insulator, flame resistance and self-extinguishing, a perfect material for linear potentiometer purpose.
The shaft, normally made of steel, is now made in extruded carbon fiber.
This combo guarantees lightness and resistance at one time.
A wide range
ECLIPSE series is available in various sizes.
The linear potentiometer ends with a M4x0.7 mm male thread on both ends.
Quick release balljoint or rod end bearing, free wires or AiM compatible connectors, all combinations available for the best mounting on any vehicle.
Diagnostic features
Signal output ranges from 500 to 4,500 mV to enable fault detection:
Reading < 100 mV -> FAULT (open circuit)
Reading > 4,900 mV -> FAULT (short circuit)
Easy configuration
With the latest release of RaceStudio 3 software, the new configuration panel allows you to set a lot of parameters of your linear potentiometer and - now - you can quickly set you position sensor to measure extension or compression.