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23 pins AMP connector wiring for MXS Strada - Standard version
Part number: V02573220
Remote buttons interface
Part number: X08RTN010 - More info
Infrared optical receiver 90 cm lenght
Codice: X41RX19090
Infrared optical receiver 3 m lenght
Part number: X41RX19300
Spare parts
14 pins standard harness
Part number: V02573210
14 pin connector + contacts
Part number: 5CND776273 + 5CT0770520
23 pin connector + contacts
Part number: 5CND770680 + 5CT0770520
Expansion modules
AiM SmartyCam HD
SmartyCam cameras
The new professional cameras designed for motorsports.
Choose your SmartyCam
AiM Channel Expansion
Channel Expansion
The compact CAN device providing virtually endless data acquisition system expansion options.
More info.
AiM TC Hub
TC Hub
The thermo-couples multiplier which communicates through the CAN bus, increasing the number of available channels without engaging any analog channels of the logger.
More info.
LCU-One Lambda Controller
LCU-One monitors air/fuel ratio, making your engine run at its best!
More info
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