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Road America 2012 photo gallery
Road America SCCA Runoffs 2013
Racing is so much more than what it appears with a mere cursory glance. To the outsider, it is simply a sport, like any other. Drivers willfully negotiate their machines around the track with the eventual goal of crossing the finish line before their fellow speed-driven Doppelgangers. But, to those that have dared to look behind the curtain, racing is about... passion.
SmartyCam HD movies
SmartyCam movies
SmartyCam Gallery: Track of the World
Raod America 2012 photo gallery
Road America 2012
AIM guys from US and Italy attended RoadAmerica, the 49th annual SCCA National Championship Runoffs, the event marking the end of a sensational SCCA club racing season.
Montmelò 2012 video
Montmelò 2012 photo gallery
Montmelò 2012
Montmelò track (Catalunya), end of June: Spanish CEV (Campeonato Español de Velocidad), Moto2, Moto3 and Stock Extreme bikes racing. AiM people and technical partners speaking of the event.
Ulli Mesch interview
Ulli Mesch interview
AIM German dealer - and Me.Mo.Tec owner - Ulli Mesch introduces AIM products in occasion of the first DTM 2012 Race, in Hockenheim: in this championship, all the cars - the official BMW, Audi and Mercedes Teams - are using AiM on-board camera SmartyCam.
In the same event, all the VW Scirocco Cup cars mount EVO4 datalogger and SmartyCam.
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