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SmartyCam HD/SmartyCam GP HD
SmartyCam HD/SmartyCam GP HD
How can I include the radio communication audio track (intercom and team radio) in the video track recorded by SmartyCam?
Which GPS Module can I connect to my device to sample lap/split times and start finish line coordinates?
How can I configure SmartyCam HD/GP HD with SoloDL?
How can I connect my SmartyCam HD/GP HD with AiM devices and configure both?
The overlays of my SmartyCam video do not show the proper value, why?
How can I show Lambda value in my SmartyCam HD overlay?
Once updated my Mac OS X from El Capitan to Sierra, I can't play no longer the movies recorded by my SmartyCam HD with QT Player.
Can I avoid this issue?
Connection between SmartyCam and AiM dash/logger is instable. SmartyCam shows "No connection" message. Can I fix it?
Noises on the movie or on SmartyCam display. Green screen, bad or locked image. How can I fix it?
How do I connect my AiM device to the vehicle OBDII connector?
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Recovering a damaged SmartyCam video
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