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Wi-Fi issues
Ver. 1.02 (Jan, 5th 2017)
1. Connection issues
My AiM system is working as an access point generating a network called "AiM-MYC5-000124".
Why can't my PC be connected to this network at all, and why does RaceStudio 3 show up on my computer with a display message of...
Sometimes, especially when your PC is up and running for a while or it is repeatedly authenticated and unauthenticated on Wi-Fi networks, the Wi-Fi driver stops working correctly. In this case, you have to reset your Wi-Fi network interface card. Here's a one way to reset your Wi-Fi network interface card...
Open your Windows "Start" toolbar and type in "Network Connections", wait long enough so that the toolbar displays the wireless network connection/s and click on it (once). After the network connection/s show up (are displayed), you should be able to right-click on the wireless network connection and then click on "Disable". Once the icon is grayed out, it means that the interface is actually disabled. Repeat the process again... right-click on it and go to 'Enable' this time. Yet another suggestion is to restart your computer after the wireless network connection has been re-enabled.
2. Range Extenders
I have a Wi-Fi range extender, which boosts the network signal generated by my Wi-Fi router. I can connect my AiM device to the range extender by setting its Wi-Fi mode to "existing network", but the communication between my computer and AiM device doesn't work. Any ideas?
Please, avoid the use of range extenders, if at all possible. When your computer's Wi-Fi mode is working as an existing network (in order to get a connection on one preexisting network), the AiM device should be directly connected to the Wi-Fi signal transmitted by the router.
3. TP-LINK Routers
I am experiencing communication problems between my TP-Link router and my connected AiM device on its network. Typically, RaceStudio 3 displays my device, but once I click on it, the phrase "Can't communicate, your device should be restarted", appears and it does not seem to connect to it properly. Any way to fix this?
You should update the firmware version of your AiM device. Releases lower than 01.22.60 could have problems working with the TP-Link routers.
4. VMware settings
I found the Wi-Fi Configuration Guide on the AiM website. It reports network settings in the Parallels virtualized Windows environment, but I'd like to use VMware Fusion as my Windows virtualizer. Can I use VMware Fusion as my virtualizer? And, how can I configure the network in the VMware Fusion Windows-environment?
Yes, you can also use VMware Fusion as your Windows virtualizer. Make sure that you set the network adapter as "Bridged" under the "Network connection" section on the Mac side beforehand.
5. IP addressing conflict
I've got one home computer that is connected via Wi-Fi to one AiM device which is acting as an hotspot (it's generating the network).
RS3 displays my device in the 'Connected Devices' area but unfortunately when I click on it the phrase 'Can't communicate, your device should be restated' appears and it does not seem to connect to it properly. May I fix this problem?
If you're using one home computer, it is probably cabled via ethernet to your internet service provider and the answer to this problem could be IP address, since when two different network interface cards (in your case both ethernet and Wi-Fi) lie on the same network this trouble comes out!
On Windows OS, you can verify this by opening one command shell and typing 'ipconfig' on it. Among the network cards list in the output, you have to find out the ethernet IP address. If it has one IP address (commonly reported as IPv4) belonging to the network (for example, it means that the ethernet card is using the same addressing which the AiM devices use.
In order to sort out temporarily this problem, you should uncable the ethernet (in this way the network is just reserved to the AiM devices). Notice that as long as the ethernet is uncable your home PC can't get internet connections.
In order to sort out permanently this problem, you have to contact the technical support of your internet service provider asking for a internal network addressing changement.
6. How to report problems to AiM
There are two things that can be done to help us understanding what's happening to your connectivity to AiM devices.
Use the Wireshark utility to capture Wi-Fi traffic
Perform a capture through the Command Prompt
Wireshark is a popular utility that lets you sniff and log (while activated) all the network traffic on you PC; it's a very valuable tool in our hands to understand and help anyone out of problems.
It is downloadable here (just choose the proper version according to your operating system).
Once installed, doubleclick the icon to run it. You will see the following main page:
Click on "Interface List". The following window will be prompted:
Select all the checkboxes on the left and click the "Start" button. You'll see that Wireshark will start tracing all the network traffic:
Now run Race Studio 3 and reproduce the problem with the Wi-Fi connection. Once the problem has been reproduced, go back to the Wireshark tracing window. Here select the menu "Capture" -> "Stop".
Then select menu "File" -> "Save As."
You'll be prompted the following window:
Just select a location on your PC in which to save the trace log.
Please be careful and, in the bottom dropdown box, choose the bold line, named "Wireshark/tcpdump".
In my case it's the second row, but I did the screenshot with an italian version of Windows 8, maybe the row number can change according to languages or OS versions.
Insert a filename (I wrote here "emiliano"), then click "Save" and send us such a file to
Command Prompt Captures
Another capture can also help us understanding and solving the issue: a capture to be done on the same PC on which you're doing the test with RS3. Please run the command prompt, type the command "ipconfig" and capture the screen.
"IPCONFIG" is a simple command the can be used on any Windows, without being an administrator, that tells you how the network is configured. It is not changing anything of current PC settings:
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