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Incompatibility issues
Ver. 1.00 (Dec, 2nd 2016)
1. Incompatibility between SmartyCam HD videos and Sierra
Once updated my Mac OS X from El Capitan to Sierra, I can't play no longer the movies recorded by my SmartyCam HD with QT Player.
Can I avoid this issue?
In the future maybe this problem will be sorted out programmatically and you'll be able to play your HD video directly by the QT Player version provided by Sierra and later Mac OS X. Currently, a couple of easy workarounds are suggested in order to avoid this problem:
If you are one Apple faithful user, you can download the old QT Player 7, that smoothly installs just aside the original QT Player, and that is currently available at the following URL:
If you are available to try software developed from third-party, you can download VLC player from:
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