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Interference issues
1. MyChron5 display interferences
Ver. 1.00 (Jun, 29th 2016)
Claimed issue
In some circumstances the MyChron5 display may show unexpected behaviours like black lines, rolling numbers, screen totally black, mirrored display. This mostly happens when the engine is revving at high RPMs.
LEDs, logged data, laptime trigger and all the other functions keep working fine.
The source of this problem is related to the sparkplug in use. Sparkplugs without noise suppressor will generate an electromagnetic interference which affects the display, causing the issues listed above.
More in general this interference can affect electronic devices, this is the reason why sparkplug manufacturers have the so called "Resistive sparkplugs" in their catalogues, that are recommended when electronic components are installed on the vehicle.
The solution to this issue is the use of Resistive sparkplugs. These can be recognized from an "R" included in their part name, here follow a list of examples from different manufacturers:
Sparkplugs with noise suppressor
Brisk LR09S
Bosch WR07CS
Sparkplugs without noise suppressor
Brisk L09S
Bosch W07CS
Alternative workarounds which may reduce the problem are:
the use of resistive/shielded spark caps
the reduction of coils around the sparkplug cable of the RPM pickup wire
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